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AlmaScience is a collaborative innovation R&D lab and a technology incubator for sustainable functional materials and green electronics.

Our solutions provide an answer to the increasing demand by industry for cost-effective, easy-to-produce, high-performance technology solutions that have a low environmental footprint.

We do this by transforming natural materials such as cellulose and paper into functional electronic devices – and more – using eco-friendly, ultra-low waste production methods.

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From cellulose and paper to a world of possibilities

AlmaScience is a business-oriented scientific powerhouse that creates and helps others create functional and practical products and solutions for multiple industries. It is home to an innovation R&D lab and a technology incubator.

But we don’t stop at research and proof-of-concept: our team of world-class scientists, and product and business experts creates innovative technology concepts and transforms them into practical, commercially viable products and solutions.

We're not only improving existing products, but we’re also creating new materials and technologies that revolutionize how industries operate. What do we mean? Imagine a portable healthcare device made from sustainable materials or interactive food & beverage packaging that's not just recyclable but also creates magical moments for consumers. Now stop imagining: this is the future we are building together with you, starting today!

SmartPack™ by AlmaScience

Smart Packaging solutions

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PaperWeight Digital™

Paper and textile-based large area electronics

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Printed, chipless RFID tags


Smart cellulose-based materials

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How would you transform your industry with AlmaScience?

Our sustainable technology portfolio embodies decades of scientific expertise. We work with our partners and clients to transform ideas and technologies into viable commercial products and solutions. Through ongoing technological assistance, we empower our partners with the necessary tools and expertise to achieve success.

Smart Packaging illustration

Smart Packaging

Enhancing transparency and customer engagement

Smart Retail illustration

Smart Retail

Gaining insights into product preference and usage

Picture of GELA, the fast cooling wrap

Food & Beverage

Efficient temperature and condition control for supply chain and consumer solutions

Picture of machine printing paper-based electronic device


Harvesting vibration energy over large areas

Illustration of a physical, printed 2FA mechanism

Brand Protection

Tags for physical products in a connected world

Illustration of a fresh produce package with smart functionality


Tracking and managing with smart shelves and inventory systems

Picture of PetriCell Dry™


Extending shelf-life with cellulose-based culture media

Illustration of a smart notebook cover

Smart Home & IoT

Expanding coverage and interaction with paper-based sensors and input devices

How can we work together?

We offer multiple paths to achieve your business goals based on what stage of the journey you are in. From incorporating our solutions within your offering to researching and co-developing new solutions, and even incubating new ventures, we can support you at every step.


Smart and sustainable technology approaches

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Contract Research

Your bespoke R&D department

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The Smart Paper Incubator

At the heart of the cellulose, paper, and cork ecosystem

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