Polyaniline and its composites engineering: A class of multifunctional smart energy materials.
Authors: Sumita Goswami, Suman Nandy, Elvira Fortunato and Rodrigo Martins.
World Science Day for Peace and Development
On this day, 10th of November we celebrate World Science
European Researcher Night 2022 revisited
From 17h to 24h on 30th September 2022, AlmaScience researchers
AlmaScience demonstrates activities to high-school students
In the framework of the visit of a local high-school
European Researcher Night 2022
Another year, another European Researcher Night with AlmaScience researchers participation,
Graz University of Technology visit RAIZ
On September 12th, we received Caterina Czibula and Thomas Harter,
Pedro Barquinha joins AlmaScience
Recently AlmaScience welcomed Pedro Braquinha as President of the Technical
Chitin and Chitosan: Reliable Sources for Peptidoglycan Chemical Synthesis.
Authors: Fausto Queda, Sérgio R. Filipe, Maria Manuel Marques DOI:
A direct Diels–Alder reaction of chitin derived
Author: Juliana G. PereiraCo-Authors: João M. J. M. Ravasco, João
“Cellulose, More than paper!”, summer course
"Cellulose, More than paper!” was the motto of the AlmaScience
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