Advances in Flexible Metallic Transparent Electrodes
Author: Viet Huong NguyenCo-Authors: Viet Huong Nguyen, Dorina T. Papanastasiou,
Molybdenum Disulfide/Polyaniline Interlayer for Lithium Polysulphide Trapping in Lithium-Sulphur Batteries
Author: Daniele VersaciCo-Authors: Daniele Versacia, Irene Canale, Sumita Goswami, Julia
E-Skin Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Combining Laser Engraving and Shrinking Polymeric Films for Health Monitoring Applications
Author: Andreia dos SantosCo-Authors: Andreia dos Santos, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo
Silver Nanowire Networks: Ways to Enhance Their Physical Properties and Stability
Author: Laetitia BardetCo-Authors: Laetitia Bardet, Dorina T. Papanastasiou, Chiara Crivello,
Isothermal Amplification of Nucleic Acids: The Race for the Next “Gold Standard”
Author: Beatriz OliveiraCo-Authors: Beatriz B. Oliveira, Bruno Veigas, Pedro Viana
Ultrafast Microwave Synthesis of WO3 Nanostructured Films for Solar Photocatalysis
Author: Daniela NunesCo-Authors: Daniela Nunes, Ana Rita Fragoso, Tomás Freire,
Optimized Stoichiometry for CuCrO2 Thin Films as Hole Transparent Layer in PBDD4T-2F:PC70BM Organic Solar Cells
Author: Lorenzo BottiglieriCo-Authors: Lorenzo Bottiglieri, Ali Nourdine, João Resende, Jean-Luc
Work of João Resende and former colleagues highlighted on the backcover of Small journal
In the “Memristive Devices: Planar and Transparent Memristive Devices Based
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