Out of Stoichiometry CuCrO2 films as Promising p-type TCO for Transparent Electronics
Author: Lorenzo BottiglieriCo-Authors: Lorenzo Bottiglieri, João Resende, Matthieu Weber, Odette
Cellulose: A Contribution for the Zero e‐Waste Challenge
Author: Suman NandyCo-Authors: Suman Nandy, Sumita Goswami, Ana Marques, Diana
Grain-boundary Segregation of Magnesium in Doped Cuprous Oxide and Impact on Electrical Transport Properties
Author: João ResendeCo-Authors: Van-Son Nguyen, Claudia Fleischmann, Lorenzo Bottiglieri, Stéphane
Planar and Transparent Memristive Devices Based on Titanium Oxide Coated Silver Nanowire Networks with Tunable Switching Voltage
Author: João ResendeCo-Authors: Abderrahime Sekkat, Viet Huong Nguyen, Tomy Chatin,
Hybridization of Ellipsometry and Energy Loss Spectra from XPS for Bandgap and Optical Constants Determination in SiON Thin Films
Author: João ResendeCo-Authors: David Fuard, Delphine Le Cunff, Jean-Herve Tortai,
Healable Cellulose Iontronic Hydrogel Stickers for Sustainable Electronics on Paper
Author: Inês CunhaCo-Authors: Inês Cunha, Jorge Martins, Diana Gaspar, Pydi
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