AlmaScience participated on the webinar “Packaging: Trends and Opportunities | Embalagem: Tendências e Oportunidades”

PortugalFoods organized, last June 1st, a webinar on the theme of Packaging for products in the agri-food sector, highlighting the trends and opportunities in 2021.

Product Packaging Trends for 2021 are justified by changes in consumer behavior. As normality returns, packaging may become even more of a guarantee of trust, safety, and even loyalty in relation to the products consumed. Accessibility, convenience, and protection are values that are at the top of the hierarchy that defines the consumers' choice at the moment of decision.

The meeting focused on the concepts of intelligent packaging and packaging design, bringing together the scientific perspective and the business perspective. Luís Pereira, AlmaScience Scientific and Technical Director shared our views, during a talk focused on Smart packaging.

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