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AlmaScience CoLAB is the result of the close collaboration between academia, R&D centers and industry, boosted by a Governmental Initiative to support innovation, targeted at bridging the gap between the sectors, creating scientific and qualified jobs and increase on knowledge and technology transfer.
In the frame of this context, AlmaScience Collaborative Laboratory was established around a common and relevant R&D&I agenda for the associates, in order to support innovation and R&D within multiple industrial sectors, and specifically to generate disruption in the area of paper-based electronic platforms and devices.

Through the exploitation of nanotechnology and advanced functional materials and their use to create ecological game-changing paper-based, fully printable, multifunctional devices and systems, AlmaScience aims to deliver ecologically sustainable and universally accessible solutions by effectively enabling IoT in areas like: security, environment, health, brand protection, electronics, logistics, food or marketing.
AlmaScience is focused on industrial and technology applications that meet the actual needs of its associates as well as other industrial partners looking to lead innovation in their field.

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AlmaScience Governance


The General Assembly is the supreme decision body and is composed of representatives of each associate (either founding or effective). The GA meetings are chaired by an elected president, supported by a deputy and a secretary. For the 2022-2023 period the GA meetings are chaired by:

  • João Paulo Cabete Gonçalves Lé (NVG), President
  • André Filipe Cardoso dos Santos (CS), Deputy
  • Pedro Miguel Dores Calado Correia (, Secretary

The Scientific and Technical Council main duties is Scientific strategy advisory to the BoA, including global scientific strategy definition, operational advising on projects inclusion in the R&D program / portfolio and on IPR validation/valuation (including background knowledge), as described in SCT by laws.
It has a 4-year mandate and should meet once a month. Decisions are made by majority. Its current composition is:

  • Pedro Barquinha (NOVA), President
  • Liliana Ferreira (FhPT)
  • Andreia Cardoso (INCM)


The Fiscal Council should, among others, foresee and validate the financial demonstrations of the association, as well as to comment on the annual activity plan and budget. It meets every three months and is composed by:

  • João Carlos dos Santos Silva e Pereira de Lima (NOVA), President
  • Carla Alexandra de Carvalho Guimarães (NVG)
  • Grant & Thorton & Associados, SROC Lda

AlmaScience Activity and Financial Reports

As part of AlmaScience's ethic standards, transparency and efforts to comply with European and Portuguese best practices and regulation, our Annual Activity and Financial reports are public and available online.
The reports are in Portuguese Language.

Gender Equality Plan

Recognizing the relevance of Gender Equality and as part of AlmaScience efforts to comply with European best practices and regulation, a Gender Equality Plan has been designed, approved and implemented with the help of all collaborators.
In the specific context of Research and Innovation, the concerns with gender equality are central, as they benefit the Research and Innovation, improving the quality and relevance of R&I, attracting and retaining talent and maximizing its potential. The Plan is public and available online, in Portuguese Language.

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