New paper published

15th February 2021 

Resulting form her PhD studies, our researcher Andreia Santos, published a new paper. It is entitled “Optimization of ZnO Nanorods Concentration in a Micro-Structured Polymeric Composite for Nanogenerators”. The published work “studies a composite with variable concentrations of ZnO nanorods (NRs), grown by microwave radiation assisted hydrothermal synthesis, and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). A nanogenerator (NG) was fabricated and it was shown that the energy generated by the NG could be stored and later employed to power small electronic devices. This demonstrates its potential as an energy harvesting device and unravels several different applications.

Citation : dos Santos, A.; Sabino, F.; Rovisco, A.; Barquinha, P.; Águas, H.; Fortunato, E.; Martins, R.; Igreja, R. Optimization of ZnO Nanorods Concentration in a Micro-Structured Polymeric Composite for Nanogenerators. Chemosensors 2021, 9, 27.

PhD thesis Defense

8th February 2021 

On February 8th , our junior researcher Andreia Santos successfully defended her PhD thesis. In line with the “new normal” the exam took place on remotely. The thesis was entitled “development of Multifunctional E-skin Sensors”.

João Resende published a new paper

4th January 2021 

João Resende, one of our senior researchers, saw published a new paper, that resulted from his previous work in France. The paper, entitled “Dynamic degradation of metallic nanowire networks under electrical stress: a comparison between experiments and simulations”, presents innovative results on the degradation of Silver Nanowire Networks and resulted from a long collaboration between LEPMI and LMGP. It is available in Nanoscale Advances, a recent open-acess journal from The Royal Society of Chemistry.
It can be accessed here

Citation: Charvin, N., Resende, J., Papanastasiou, D.T., Muñoz-Rojas, D., Jiménez, C., Nourdine, A., Bellet, D., Flandin, L. , Dynamic degradation of metallic nanowire networks under electrical stress: a comparison between experiments and simulations, Nanoscale Advances, 2021, issue 3.

Participation in “Inovar na Intersecção” meeting

18th December 2020 

Inovar na Intersecção is a set of virtual co-creation meetings through the design thinking methodology, subordinated to areas of scientific and technological innovation. AlmaScience participated in the session that took place on December 15th, represented by Tatiana Costa. During the meeting, the participants, that came from universities, colabs, clusters and industry, were divided in work groups and challenged to answer the challenge How to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between academia and the market?, the ideation model and online collaborative tools such as Miro. The session encouraged teamwork and promoted new ways to respond effectively to the demands of the innovation ecosystem and the national business market. The report of the session can be found here.

Funding Opportunities in Horizon Europe

12th December 2020 

In November AlmaScience has welcomed Luís Pereira as Scientific and Technical Director.

Last Thursday, 10th December, Tatiana Costa, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding Manager, attended the virtual event “ Funding Opportunities in Horizon Europe” organized by PERIN – Portugal in Europe research and innovation network. The event was hosted by FCT. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the future funding opportunities in the next funding framework, namely what to expect in terms of the European Research Council, Marie-Curie actions, Research Infrastructures and in the transversal thematic “Widening Participation and the strengthening of the ERA “.

To know:PERIN Network results of the definition and professionalization of the Promotion Office of the Framework Program for R&DT (GPPQ). It involves the institutional partners Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, IP (FCT), the National Innovation Agency (ANI), SA, the Portuguese Space Agency (PT Space), the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation (AICIB), the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) and the National Erasmus + Education and Training Agency. Its mission is to reinforce and double Portugal’s participation within the framework of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, and to promote the use of structural funds as a counterpart national level in all instruments that provide for co-financing.

AlmaScience welcomed its Scientific and Technical Director

20th November 2020 

In November AlmaScience has welcomed Luís Pereira as Scientific and Technical Director.

Luís joined AlmaScience after consolidating his research career at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia/Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL), where he was Professor from 2012 to 2020. His initial research has focused on the development of printed inorganic nanostructured materials for chromogenic, electronic and electrochemical devices on paper and plastic substrates. He was involved in the team that demonstrated for the first-time transistors made of oxides with paper acting as gate dielectric. In 2015, he was awarded with a prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant on the development of cellulose nanocomposites for paper electronics (New-Fun, project 640598). He has authored and co-authored more than 180 publications in peer-reviewed journals and proceedings of the ISI with more than 10000 citations.

His recent research interests relate with the design and synthesis of 1D, 2D and 3D inorganic and hybrid nanostructures, chiral cellulose nanocomposites, functional micro and nanofibers and its integration on chromogenic, electronic and electrochemical devices.
On a brief declaration, stated

“I am thrilled with this new challenge. It means recognition, opportunity, and responsibility as well as a huge commitment both with our government and with AlmaScience associates, to turn valuable knowledge and enabling technologies into products and services towards a more sustainable society.“

Carlos Silva, ASc CEO and president of the Board, comments that “Provided the track record and career of Luís, he was an obvious option to take the lead on the scientific and technical strategy of AlmaScience. We are very confident on his capabilities and on his success”.

AlmaScience participated at Encontro Ciência’20

18th November 2020 

The Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal annual event took place last 3rd and 4th November. This year, due to COVID-19 pandemics, it happened in an hybrid-format with limited on-site presences and many virtual sessions. AlmaScience Scientific and Technical Director, Luís Pereira, participated on the thematic session dedicated to CoLabs – CoLAB no Encontro Ciência´20, organized by ANI. It was an opportunity to present our work and ideas and to get to know more about the CoLab ecosystem. Know more about the event.

AlmaScience participated in 1st Annual Meeting of Collaborative Laboratories

19th October 2020 

In an innovative virtual format due to the pandemics, the event was organized by ANI and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)and took place on the 16th and 17th october at Fundação Cupertino de Miranda, Oporto. The event, dedicated to the progressive evolution of CoLABs and their integration in Portugal and Europe, was participated by representatives of each of the 26 approved Colabs and focused on the disclosure of current state of implementation and evolution the CoLABs. It counted also with the participation of the panel of international mentors who are part of the ongoing monitoring program. The sessions were chaired by Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education. AlmaScience was represented by Carlos Silva and Luís Pereira.

Elvira Fortunato work was distinguished by the European Commision – Winner of Horizon Impact Award 2020

23rd September 2020 

Elvira Fortunato was one of the winners of the “Horizon Impact Award 2020”. This prize distinguished the “INVISIBLE”, project. This project set up the basis for the development of the first display produced with sustainable materials, with application in endless applications and sectors and which is already being commercialized. Maryia Gabriel , Commissionaer for Innovation , Research, Culture, Education and Youth stressed that “European research and innovation programmes fund the best ideas to advance science and generate knowledge but also to translate these results into concrete benefits for society. The Horizon Impact Award serves to demonstrate how successful uptake of research results can create impact in every corner of our society. I am delighted to see that there are many great examples of how research and innovation directly benefits citizens. In many different ways, their ideas and products have changed people’s daily lives for the better.”

Horizon Impact Award prize support distinguishes the projects funded by EC, in the frame of H2020 programme whose results created social impact in Europe and worldwide.

AlmaScience attended the B2B Health Innovation Market 2020.

18th September 2020 

This virtual matchmaking event took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th September and was organized by CEC/CCIC – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Centro Region (Portugal) and ANI -Portuguese National Innovation Agency, with the support of EEN – Enterprise Europe Network , in collaboration with the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP). The event had over 100 participants from at least 19 countries. Almascience , represented by Tatiana Costa, the Innovation, IP and Funding Manager, had the opportunity to meet bilaterally with different stakeholders. It was a great chance to identify potential partners and explore opportunities to expand business and to commercialise new products

AlmaScience attended the 1st AIPIA Virtual Congress on Smart Packaging (SP)

14th September 2020 

Cristina Gaspar, Senior Researcher at Almascience, participated on the 1st AIPIA Virtual Congress on Smart Packaging (SP) the past 10th of September 2020. The event had over 65 live broadcast speakers, 40 technology streams, 2 Brand Challenges, 30 online booths with 210 expert staff and 5 panel discussions. The virtual exhibition attracted over 620 visitors.
The main drive force for the realization of the online event was to build the SP Industry in the smartest way, allowing for delegates to interact with speakers, brands, networking with researchers and big company directors, reaching a bigger audience, while acknowledging Why SP is important in the current days.
The event showcased live presentations, Q&A with speakers, technology streams, brand challenges, one-to-one chats and virtual booths to interact with. AlmaScience attended very interesting talks, regarding SP, where several current issues and trends in the field, in line with AlmaScience activities. It also discovered relevant companies that are already producing great products, increasing its networking and possible future partners/associates. In order to highlight a few of the addressed focus areas of interest and activity for AlmaScience: sustainability, recycling, connectivity, interactive and authentication. From minimizing food waste by SP, benefits of connected packaging, intelligent logistics, recycling and sustainability of SP, tamper-detection solutions, from authentication to customer engagement to even shelf life extension for fresh goods, the drive force for all was sustainability and recyclability.
The congress continues on with exclusive access to all the presentations and booth material for one month and with a special event on the 7th of October 2020. An AIPIA virtual community was created, where AlmaScience can meet all the Congress Delegates, Speakers and Panelists of AIPIA Virtual Congress. Exchanging messages, see profiles and interests and be part of this exciting and growing industry are part of that community with SP as a common interest.

Elvira Fortunato, one of our board members in “Grande Entrevista”

12th August 2020 

Elvira Fortunato, pioneer in paper electronics and one of our board members was interviewed by Vitor Gonçalves in the programme “Grande Entrevista”. She spoke about paper electronics, science in general and about Almascience.

We are hiring!

31st July 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal. Almascience has exciting projects starting and intends to reinforce its team in the field of Paper manufacturing, Software Engineering and Electronics Design/Embedded Systems. In that context, there are several open opportunities. For more information consult our recruiting page.

AlmaScience Participates in different initiatives related with funding opportunities and EU Policy

16th July 2020

In July, AlmaScience actively engaged in several events.
On July 10th, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding manager, Tatiana Costa, was present on the Infoday – European Digital Innovation Hubs and on the workshop that followed. Insightful information on the creation of the national network of DIH was provided as well as possibilities of integration with the European network.
On July 16th , the team participated in the session organized by ANI dedicated to “HORIZON 2020: European Green Deal Call”. This event aimed to inform the national community about the European Green Deal Call, so that the different stakeholders can prepare in time. The program, started at 11 am, and counted with the participation of a representative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD).
Both events had many participants and provided good moments of (virtual) networking and information sharing.

AlmaScience has created 13 new jobs

30th June 2020 

In june 2020, AlmaScience has finished the first round of recruitment. In the frame of these first months of activity, 13 highly qualified jobs were created. These include senior and junior scientists as well as management positions. The team is settled in 2 poles, one in the headquarters of FCT NOVA, in Lisbon, and the other at the headquarters of Raiz, in Aveiro. These positions are supported by the Centro 2020 Operational Program (CENTRO-04-3559-FSE-000094), by Lisboa 2020 Operational Program (LISBOA-05-3559-FSE-000007) in the Competitiveness and Employment thematic area, through the European Social Fund (ESF) and FCT, I.P. . Meet our team here.

AlmaScience recognised with Colab seal

1st April 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value. AlmaScience was approved to receive the title of COLAB in November 2018. See the latest ANI publication on COLABs.