Elvira Fortunato, one of our board members in “Grande Entrevista”

12th August 2020 

Elvira Fortunato, pioneer in paper electronics and one of our board members was interviewed by Vitor Gonçalves in the programme “Grande Entrevista”. She spoke about paper electronics, science in general and about Almascience.

We are hiring!

31st July 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal. Almascience has exciting projects starting and intends to reinforce its team in the field of Paper manufacturing, Software Engineering and Electronics Design/Embedded Systems. In that context, there are several open opportunities. For more information consult our recruiting page.

AlmaScience Participates in different initiatives related with funding opportunities and EU Policy

16th July 2020

In July, AlmaScience actively engaged in several events.
On July 10th, AlmaScience Innovation, IP and Funding manager, Tatiana Costa, was present on the Infoday – European Digital Innovation Hubs and on the workshop that followed. Insightful information on the creation of the national network of DIH was provided as well as possibilities of integration with the European network.
On July 16th , the team participated in the session organized by ANI dedicated to “HORIZON 2020: European Green Deal Call”. This event aimed to inform the national community about the European Green Deal Call, so that the different stakeholders can prepare in time. The program, started at 11 am, and counted with the participation of a representative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG-RTD).
Both events had many participants and provided good moments of (virtual) networking and information sharing.

AlmaScience has created 13 new jobs

30th June 2020 

In june 2020, AlmaScience has finished the first round of recruitment. In the frame of these first months of activity, 13 highly qualified jobs were created. These include senior and junior scientists as well as management positions. The team is settled in 2 poles, one in the headquarters of FCT NOVA, in Lisbon, and the other at the headquarters of Raiz, in Aveiro. These positions are supported by the Centro 2020 Operational Program (CENTRO-04-3559-FSE-000094), by Lisboa 2020 Operational Program (LISBOA-05-3559-FSE-000007) in the Competitiveness and Employment thematic area, through the European Social Fund (ESF) and FCT, I.P. . Meet our team here.

AlmaScience recognised with Colab seal

1st April 2020

CoLAB’s main objective is to create, directly and indirectly, qualified employment and scientific employment in Portugal through the implementation of research and innovation agendas aimed at creating economic and social value. AlmaScience was approved to receive the title of COLAB in November 2018. See the latest ANI publication on COLABs.