AIPIA World Congress review

Hold our beer! AlmaScience is making impact on smart packaging.

Last week, SmartPack Technologies by ALMASCIENCE - Beyond Paper exhibited in the Active and Intelligent Packaging World Congress an exhibition organized by Packaging Europe and AIPIA.

Among the various technologies presented were GELA – our newly developed cellulose-based fast cooling wrap that can cool a beer in half the time, but also our developments in paper electronics for connected packaging. In one of the highlights of the event, we pitched a proposal to use our paper action buttons technology in order to turn the packaging of Centrum Junior Vitamines into a game controller. This proposal was selected as one of the top 3 proposals and we are looking forward to work with our colleagues at Haleon in commercializing this technology.

Thank you Eef de Ferrante and the rest of the team in Packaging Europe for a great event!

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