AlmaScience has joined Inova-Ria

AlmaScience has recently joined Inova-Ria . Inova-Ria - Association of Companies for an Innovation Network in Aveiro is a non-profit organization that aims the creation and consolidation of a cluster in the area of Information Technology, Communication and Electronics, with special focus on telecommunications, centered in the Aveiro region.

Inova-Ria is crucial to the innovation ecosystem formed by companies, educational institutions and Research and Development institutions in the area of information technologies, communication and electronics in the Aveiro region. It currently assumes an active role in stimulating and creating value in the sectors it represents, being recognized as the associative entity of the central region that gathers a valuable set of technology-intensive companies, start-ups, small and medium consolidated companies and some large companies.

This collaboration is aligned with the networking strategy of AlmaScience and will contribute building stronger relations with Aveiro Region companies.

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