“Cellulose, More than paper!”, summer course

"Cellulose, More than paper!” was the motto of the AlmaScience sponsored summer course promoted by BEST Almada last July.
This remarkable initiative brought together students from across Europe to learn more about Cellulose and its vast functionalities that extend far more than just paper, offering a wide range of sustainable and low-cost potential contributions to society.

Aside from AlmaScience, this summer course was sponsored by NOVA School of Science and Technology, CENIMAT|i3N, CEMOP UNINOVA, Synergy EU Project, Emerge Project, The Navigator Company, IPDJ I., and Câmara Municipal de Almada.

It was a pleasure to be involved in this initiative by BEST.

Found out more here: https://bestalmada.org/best-course-summer-season-2022/

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