First working anniversary

On the 1st of April AlmaScience celebrates the 1st working anniversary of some of the team members. The best way to understand what this first year meant is to read their own testimonials:

Andreia Santos, Junior Researcher

“The first year at AlmaScience had to be constantly adjusted to the rules imposed due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, it was not a very intensive year of exploratory work at the laboratory, yet this time was an opportunity to prepare projects and future work with greater detail and deepness. Our team recently expanded, and our minds are being flooded with ideas to implement as soon as possible, so hopefully next year will give us the chance to materialize those ideas and start building a strong portfolio of exciting applications.”

Cristina Gaspar, Senior Researcher

“Despite the challenging year of 2020, AlmaScience re-invented their way of work allowing for the workers to adapt and transform to the new demands. I felt not only provoked but enthusiastic, trying to find new products to develop, apply for meaningful projects and grow both as an individual and as a professional during this complicated year. AlmaScience gave me the opportunity to work more creatively, beyond what was expected, trying to create a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

João Resende, Senior Researcher

“After one year as researcher at AlmaScience, the outcome is very positive. Even in the current pandemic context, it has been an enriching experience with a lot of learning moments and sharing of knowledge with the rest of the team. The shift from an academic background into applied research has been both challenging and inspiring, due to the current target to develop innovative projects to solve environmental, social and technological issues."

Sumita Goswami, Senior Researcher

“I have joined Almascience Team one year ago in last April. It has been an incredible experience to work with such an enthusiastic team full of multi-talented and resourceful persons. During this one year, even in such a special situation of “work from home”, we have moved forward every step together whether it is planning or dissemination or community growth. Innovative minds, sustainable developments, gender equality- all these define our goal and team. Feel proud to be associated as a member. Looking forward to the coming explorations”.

Tomás Freire, Junior Researcher

“Our journey started a year ago amidst the Covid-19 pandemic with a team of 15 people with different backgrounds. Despite the non-optimal work conditions for a starting company, we took this time to gauge our experiences and how they could be useful to, as soon as possible, make work out of it and start to develop our business.
For me, as a junior researcher with little to no big experience in project planning, this was an enriching experience and a chance to put to use my skills and further develop them.
At the present time, some members have left to pursue other dreams and other have joined increasing AlmaScience’s ranks and bringing fresh perspectives and new expertise. This year was definitely challenging but we could manage to make work out of every obstacle. For the years to come I don’t know what to expect but I am sure we as team will seize ever possible opportunity and turn them into incredible things!"

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