Graz University of Technology visit RAIZ

On September 12th, we received Caterina Czibula and Thomas Harter, Austrian post-docs from the Institute of Bioproducts and Paper Technology (BPTI, Graz University of Technology) at RAIZ, one of AlmaScience associates, for an introduction visit. 

Caterina and Thomas work on fiber and paper technology with a vast experience in these research topics. However, they also expressed great interest in the forest investigation, which represents one of the main fields of RAIZ research, and AlmaScience due to its strategic value and connection with industrial partners.

We started the day with a presentation session with the RAIZ director Leonor Guedes and our members of the Aveiro team (Bruno Ravanello, Mónica Simões, Sónia Alves, and Tatiana Costa). That allowed us to share the mission and values of AlmaScience, including our ongoing and future projects. 

Afterward, we had a lab and forest tour. In the labs, Caterina and Thomas were introduced to the equipment, lab routine, and the rest of the RAIZ staff that daily work to contribute to wood, fiber, pulp, and paper research and technology development. 

Last, we went for a forest visit to see the extensive specimen collection at the Quinta de São Francisco grounds, from old giant eucalyptus to magnificent magnolias and bamboo plantations. And we finished at the secular yellow main house, where people are dedicated to the spread of forest knowledge to the young generations (Floresta do Saber).

We are proud to say that our guest left amazed by the visit and enthusiastic about starting to work with AlmaScience.

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