Happy Creativity and Innovation Day

On this day – the 21st of April, we mark the World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day to celebrate the importance of innovation and creativity to society and to our quality of life.

Almascience researchers are a vivid and active part of this worldwide ecosystem of people who work daily to improve our society. We asked 4 of our researchers to share their thoughts on this day and on why Innovation & Creativity are important.

"Since the beginning of time, Man has used his creativity and innovative skills to survive. Innovation and creativity go hand in hand in the evolution of species and in their adaptation to meet our current needs. Currently, the focus will be on taking better care of this planet, being more sustainable, learning from nature and using it in our behalf, living up to this concept of creating and innovating, improving this place we live called Earth for us and for our children.
On this innovation day it is always good to remember where we came from and that these concepts are directly linked to evolution, and with the possibility of creating a world full of greener options for everyone, more creative, more innovative, and more sustainable."

Bruna Ramos
Junior Researcher

"Working at AlmaScience pushes us, researchers, to think out of the box in a daily basis, with a less academic point of view and a more practical and business-like attitude. It makes us look at common objects and materials with a different approach, where we are pushed to be not only creative but innovative, without the fear of failure. While searching for solutions a creative mindset is encouraged and innovation is the goal always, pursuing the development of a more sustainable lifestyle and imagining and creating a better world to live in. While designing and implementing paper-based solutions using greener materials, unforeseen applications for a more cost-effective production and an integrated circular economy see the light of daily, contributing for progress and well-being of the society."

Cristina Gaspar
Senior Researcher

"There are two quotes that represent me as scientist, both from Albert Einstein:
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

There are several ways to face a problem, but only a creative mind can really solve it. In fact, a world without creativity is a world without art, and art makes the world go around. Science means many things and, is for sure, a form of art. The art of solving imminent problems. The art of create alternative paths. The art of teamwork. The art of innovation.
Working in a cutting-edge area creativity has to be always present and even if the achievement is small it’s always one small step for science, one giant leap for mankind."

Fausto Quedas
Senior Researcher

"In this fast-paced world, where everything is regarded a product and the focus is driven to a fast consumption of said products it is important take a step back and look at the world with a different lens and be able understand where the difference can be made. One cannot simply be a tourist on life but rather an active member of our society. 

Ideas are the fuel for a thriving society but without concretization they are unlikely to contribute to the development of disruptive technologies that bolster the progress to a better world. 

Today is the World Creativity and Innovation Day, a day to celebrate the bridges that allowed collaboration all over the world and allowed for new technologies to make a difference on the world’s life. This day is a celebration of all those inquiring minds that take knowledge a step further and generate technologies that allow for a better use of the resources at our disposal. This is a celebration of all the people that could not be resigned to the status quo and actively looked for solutions for the problem the humanity was facing through the years."

Tomás Freire
Junior Researcher

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