AlmaScience develops cellulose-based DataMatrix solutions for AB inBev

Back in November, the AIPIA World Congress on Active and Intelligent Packaging hosted this year's Technical Challenge with the world’s leading brewer, AB InBev, and its open innovation team. AlmaScience proudly pitched its solutions and was one of the winners of this challenge.

AlmaScience earned its marks for its sustainable, smart cellulose-based solutions for DataMatrix and semi-serialization, developed under the From Fossil to Forest and ViiaFood PRR Agendas, and within the frame of its CelluGel and SmartPack technological roadmap to develop innovative products and services for the Agrifood and Smart Packaging sectors, from cellulose-based packaging solutions aimed at replacing fossil-based plastics to sustainable data monitoring and reporting solutions.

The proposed solution uses a sensitive, cellulose-based ink coating on the bottle, followed by laser engraving, to create high-fidelity images that are easily read by vision systems or even mobile phones, all while remaining mostly covert (invisible to the consumer). Following the Technical Challenge, AlmaScience was invited to AB InBev’s Global Innovation and Technology Center on February 1st to demonstrate its solution and discuss future developments and applications.

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