Mecaplastronic and LMPG visited by AlmaScience Researchers

Written by Bruno Ravanello & João Resende

AlmaScience team participates in the Mecaplastronic Connection 2022 and visit the LMGP, Grenoble under a CNRS/FCT International Emerging Actions project.

During last week, AlmaScience researchers João Resende and Bruno Ravanello participated in the Mecaplastronic connection 2022, which took place at La Sucrière in Lyon. 

Printed electronics is a true revolution! The event, which joined companies and research centers around the globe, demonstrated the progress made in materials and production techniques in this field. The dynamism of investments in Europe seem to suggest a strong development potential of printed electronics due to its various applications, some of which we are currently exploring and looking forward to share with you! 

Following the conference, AlmaScience team headed to Grenoble for a workshop at LMGP to strength the collaboration between the two institutes. The most recent developed technologies in each partner were shared in a seminar, which was followed by exploratory meetings for the establishment of future projects between the two partners. The visit also included the exchange of samples within the CNRS/FCT International Emerging Actions project, as well as a visit to LMGP facilities. 

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