Prof. Rodrigo Martins to receive the SPM Career and Recognition 2021 Prize

SPM – The Portuguese materials association, has decided to award the “Career and Recognition 2021” Prize to Prof. Rodrigo Martins, a member of the AlmaScience Technical and Scientific Council and one of the inventors of the paper electronics concept.

Prof. Rodrigo Martins is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at the New University of Lisbon, and acting president of the European Academy of Sciences, as well as other distinguished positions in multiple boards and associations.

Prof. Martins is one of the inventors of the paper electronics concept, where paper is exploited not only as a substrate but also as a functional component in active devices. Such devices hold the potential to bring computer intelligence into everyday objects such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in shipping and inventory management, and self-updating plane tickets, business cards, and food labels.

This award distinguishes his remarkable career and recognizes the contribution made by Rodrigo Martins to the Portuguese and world scientific community.
The handover ceremony will take place in April during the MATERIAIS 2022 congress in Marinha Grande.

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