Two years of AlmaScience

CoLAB AlmaScience’s journey started two years ago! We are becoming increasingly robust and capable of fulfilling our mission in the development and promotion of the Smart Paper Ecosystem in Portugal, being important to emphasize the importance of two essential pillars for these achievements: our associates and our team! 

Indeed, our associates with an R&D profile provide us with knowledge and disruptive technologies that are the grounds of our activity, while our business associates bring us the indispensable market-focused challenges to carve our path – thank you for the support and trust The Navigator Company, INCM, Clara Saúde, Firmo, Almada City Council, NOVA, Raiz, Fraunhofer and NOVAidFCT! 

Then we count on the commitment and vision of our young and brilliant research team and the rest of the management team in translating these technologies and challenges into new sustainable concepts and solutions applicable to the security, packaging, traceability and diagnostics markets, an effort that already allowed the expansion of the ecosystem to new industrial partners such as the Super Bock Group, ZOR, Sensei or NOS. 

Since our focus is on the future, we now have the challenge of fulfilling expectations and continuing to develop the conditions for more and better innovation, capable of having a real impact on people's lives, while creating value for our partners. 
The conditions are created, count on AlmaScience! 

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