What a year it has been!

As we close out 2022 and prepare for the new challenges that 2023 brings, we wanted to share some highlights and key moments with our associates, partners, customers, and followers who have been with us on this journey.

During 2022, AlmaScience continued to grow its technology pipeline and mature existing technologies for commercialization. We continued to focus on several key thematic technology areas, including advanced materials based on cellulose and cork, large-area paper electronics, and paper-based IoT devices for smart packaging and brand protection. In parallel, we engaged in discussions with tier 1 companies and brands in the medical supplies, telecommunications, IoT, food and beverage, packaging, and smart retail sectors to facilitate the commercialization of our groundbreaking technologies.

Our efforts and technologies have been widely recognized by the Portuguese industry, as evidenced by significant collaborations with SENSEI, The Navigator Company, ZOR, VIIA foods, and others.

Check our news at www.almascience.pt for all that happened in 2022.

2022 revisited...

Last November, AlmaScience exhibited at the Active and Intelligent Packaging (AIPIA) World Congress, organized by Packaging Europe and AIPIA. We presented various technologies, including #GELA – our newly developed cellulose-based fast cooling wrap that can cool a beverage in half the time or less – as well as other developments in paper electronics for connected packaging. We also had the opportunity to pitch a proposal to use our paper action button technology to turn the packaging of Centrum Junior Vitamins into a game controller. This proposal was selected as one of the top three and we are looking forward to working with our colleagues at Haleon to commercialize this technology.

Also in November, during the 2022 MEDICA - Leading International Trade Fair we introduced to the world our PetriCell Dry technology, a revolutionary, ready-to-use, solid growth media with extended shelf life at room temperature, that is made from cellulose-based materials, that has a world-known Fair MEDICA.

Read further details about PetriCell Dry here!

In October, Luis Pereira and Yoni Engel, represented AlmaScience at "The Future of Electronics RESHAPED" conference by TechBlick in Eindhoven. This was a premier and unique event in the area of printed electronics, attended by dozens of global organizations that shared their knowledge, and showcased new trends of technology and innovation.

One of the highlights of 2022, was definitely AlmaScience´s Workshop "Track your product from production to recycling”. Connected packaging is an increasingly important area as brands and consumers look for ways to improve sustainability and increase transparency in the supply chain. It was great to be able to bring together such a diverse group of experts to share their knowledge and insights.

The year in numbers

Social Mission

AlmaScience was involved in multiple initiatives aimed at improving scientific literacy, namely: participating in Ciência Viva and exposing high school kids to scientific concepts, Summer Internships, and performing scientific demonstrations in schools. Almascience also sponsored one of the Merit Scholarships for DCM students of FCT | NOVA, for the second year.

AlmaScience Team at Ciência Viva

Check out www.almascience.pt/blog for more news and updates.

It's all about the team

We celebrated the end of this very productive year by gathering our team for a Christmas dinner! We hope that your holiday season is also filled with joy, love, new technologies, and all the things that bring you happiness. Our team at AlmaScience wishes you all a successful and fulfilling 2023! May it be a year filled with prosperity and new professional and personal opportunities.

AlmaScience Christmas Dinner

In 2023, we aim higher...

More challenges, more projects! 2023 is already promising to be our best year yet with high-paced developments and collaborations. We will join hands with the leading academic and industrial Portuguese organizations to deliver groundbreaking and impactful technological solutions. We also expect to grow by about 25% and have already started recruiting for a wide range of technical and commercial positions.

2023 is going to be great. Stay tuned.

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