PaperWeight Digital™

Paper-based pressure, weight, and touch-sensitive sensors

Smart, sustainable surfaces everywhere

Whether in retail, smart home, or logistics, PaperWeight Digital™ technology enables a wide range of highly cost-effective, fully sustainable, electronically active paper surfaces that can be made into easily installable, small- and large-area functional devices with almost zero e-waste.

The Technology

Using sustainable design practices, we have created the world’s first paper-based pressure sensor.

PaperWeight Digital™ technology combines smart responsive cellulose materials, industry-compatible coating processes, and advanced, low-waste, precision printing techniques to deliver a smart surface that is responsive to pressure, weight, and touch.
These devices can be produced cost-effectively at large-scale using Sheet-2-Sheet or Roll-2-Roll processing and the sensor’s shape, size, functionality, and connectivity are use-case adaptable.

The Features

PaperWeight Digital™ delivers robust, customizable, and simple-to-install load and touch sensors that are made almost entirely from paper or other sustainable materials.

Pressure and touch detection

Weight detection

Simple installation

Pixel-size resolution


Low CapEx

The Markets


Gain insights into people & products.


Smart shelves and inventory technologies.

IoT & Smart Home

Paper-based large-area sensors and input devices.


Interactive input devices.
The Applications

Inventory management


Interactive input devices



Instantly design and print your input device
A cost-effective and customizable pressure-sensitive universal input pad. The surface is divided into pixels which can be pre-defined or not. Using dedicated software, letters and symbols can be printed and associated with a specific function.


Native pressure-sensing glove
LOVA is a native-feeling glove with pressure-sensing capabilities.
Existing solutions use silicon electronics and bulky devices that don’t feel natural to the user and incur a very high price.
LOVA has numerous applications in sports, ergonomics, bio-physical research, metaverse, and more.
Future research will also explore the ability to influence the mechanical properties of the glove using electrical current.


Interactive input devices
TOCA is a paper-based interactive surface element with a visual and sound digital interface.
Children or adults can draw different shapes and features using common pencils and pens to see and modify these drawings on an electronic device, such as a computer or smartphone.

Eco-friendly from manufacturing to end-of-life

We engineered PaperWeight Digital™ to be environmentally friendly from start to finish:

  • Sustainable: made from abundant, renewable cellulose-based materials
  • Low cost: locally printed paper-based electronics avoid environmentally and financially costly long supply chains
  • No e-waste: recyclable through common paper recycling methods

PaperWeight Digital™ Retail

Smart Retail Analytics
PaperWeight Digital™ Retail technology enables cost-effective weight and position sensing using paper-based load sensors that can be assembled over any existing shelf configuration.
With low CapEx and minimal downtime for installation, PaperWeight Digital™ is the ultimate sensor for retail analytics systems for both small and large retailers.
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