ALMASCIENCE can be your next project partner or service provider in the field of Paper manufacturing and modification, Smart systems development and integration, Smart diagnostics platforms and biosensors, Modelling, design and systems’ architecture and Materials and devices for building blocks.


Almascience develops its activities through different types of projects that differ in terms of goals and financing.

  • Internal “Building Blocks” Projects
    • Projects that are strategic for AlmaScience, 
      oriented to address specific applications and 
      develop specific products or services, 
      that are proposed and developed among groups 
      of associates, supported by the core COLAB funding and by the involved associates.
  • Industry Projects 
    • Projects  developed upon request, carried 
      out with direct financing from the companies 
      involved, that  may include ( or not) other parties, and may have co-financing from national or international programmes.

Ongoing Projects

Competitive Funded Projects

Identification Smart Paper - IDS-PAPER


IDS-Paper aims to establish an integrated and innovative self-sustained green electronic system paper-based for wireless communication applications that addresses the ubiquitous security and low cost green electronic sectors and their translation towards products that capture the needs associated with the Internet of Things and cyber security matters, fully aligned with the expected transition towards the green deal prosperity mission of the future.

Coordinator – Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)
PI – Prof. Rodrigo Martins ( UNL)
Co-PI – Luís Pereira ( AlmaScience)
Partner Organizations
• AlmaScience
• Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias (UNINOVA/FCTUNL/UNL)

Reference – PTDC/CTM-PAM/4241/2020
Start Date -01/03/2021
End Date -29/02/2024
Funding Authority – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Total Budget – 250 000€
AlmaScience Budget – 45 000€

AlmaScience Team Involved
Luís Pereira, Carlos Silva, Diana Gaspar, Cristina Gaspar, João Avelãs Resende, Mariana Matias, Marta Lopes, Sumita Goswami


AlmaScience gathers a comprehensive set of services, either for the associates and for project partners or clients, that cover strategy development, road mapping, R&D&I services, matchmaking, etc.
We can help you with:
  • Specialized R&D services, as well as Scientific, technological and innovation consultancy and assistance
  • Dynamization of partnerships, through the promotion of discussion forums, workshops, seminars and other events
  • Intermediation between users and knowledge producers in terms of knowledge transfer and identification of opportunities
  • Streamlining partnerships to promote national and International projects, namely in terms of funding opportunity identification, partners identification and matchmaking activities, proposal guidance and advice, project management activities
  • Promotion of the internationalization of associates, partners or clients, through participation in Fairs, conferences, B2B events, etc
  • Specialized Training
  • Design and communication activities associated with research and innovation
  • Organization of scientific and cultural events and initiatives