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AlmaScience is a world-class innovation and research lab that specializes in business- and product-oriented rapid ideation, concept development, and prototyping for brands and tier 1 companies, while also providing project-based subcontracted development services for applied research organizations. 

Cutting-edge science meets business agility: your strategic ally in innovation

Nobody understands your business better than you do. AlmaScience is here to help transform your innovative ideas into tangible and sustainable products. We work as an internal start-up within your organization, allowing you to quickly capitalize on product and market opportunities.

Imagine getting access to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in specific applications and markets, such as smart packaging, intelligent retail, sustainable IoT devices, and energy-generating materials. Now stop imagining – and work with us.

Our team of over 30 PhDs and experts covers a wide range of fields, including chemistry, materials science, printing technology, electronics, paper technology, and biology. Our seasoned business and product team will quickly identify your needs and communicate them to our scientists efficiently.

Not your typical research lab: results that serve your business needs

Whether you're a leading solutions or products brand, a tier 1 components company, or an early-stage startup, we can expedite your journey from concept to creation. Our flexibility extends beyond technological expertise, as we can serve as your contract researcher or design partner, depending on your requirements. At the heart of our operations is a commitment to sustainability and driving positive change through innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. With AlmaScience, your innovative aspirations are no longer dreams but a future we are building together.

We consider the entire product lifecycle, from sourcing to production to end-of-life. By utilizing sustainable engineered materials and composites, along with advanced on-demand, high-throughput, low-waste, and low-cost manufacturing techniques, we deliver innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for diverse applications and markets.

Areas of expertise

Smart Packaging illustration

Smart and intelligent packaging

Picture of printed electronics

Paper-based large-area electronics

An apple with a chipless RFID tag

Printed RFID solutions

Smart Retail illustration

Smart Retail

Illustration of a fresh produce package with smart functionality

Sustainable IoT devices for food monitoring and supply chain traceability

Picture of machine printing paper-based electronic device

Sustainable energy generating materials

Empowered by industry

AlmaScience is strategically positioned at the core of the Portuguese cellulose, paper, and cork value chain. This collaboration grants us access to essential resources such as intellectual property, know-how, a vast network, and state-of-the-art facilities. These elements are crucial for the development and commercialization of innovative technologies.
Grupo Clara Saúde
Super Bock Group
The Navigator Company

Let's kickstart your innovation journey

With our state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled multidisciplinary scientific expertise, we are dedicated to offering our partners the optimal solution for their distinct sustainable innovation challenges, all at a competitive price.

Here's what we offer

Deep understanding of business and product development

Cutting-edge research equipment

Competitive pricing

A multidisciplinary research team

Simple and flexible contracting process

A dedicated Project Manager

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