PaperWeight Digital™

Large-area electronics and sensors made from paper and textiles

Smart and sustainable surfaces and devices everywhere

PaperWeight Digital™ technology empowers diverse industries such as retail, smart home, logistics, and metaverse-related applications. It offers a multitude of benefits including cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and electronic functionality. These advantages enable the creation of flexible, easy-to-produce, and easy-to-install paper and textile-based devices, minimizing e-waste generation.

Illustration of a paper-based device applied on a home wall

The technology

By employing sustainable design techniques, we have developed an innovative paper-based pressure sensor – the world's first of its kind. Our PaperWeight Digital™ technology combines patented cellulose-based electronics with advanced, low-waste printing methods to create a responsive smart surface that detects pressure, weight, and touch.

These devices can be cost-effectively manufactured on a large scale using Sheet-2-Sheet or Roll-2-Roll processing. Furthermore, the sensor's shape, size, functionality, and connectivity can be easily adapted to various use cases.

What makes it so special?

PaperWeight Digital™ delivers robust, customizable, and simple-to-install load and touch sensors that are made almost entirely from paper or other sustainable materials.

Key features

Weight detection

Weight detection

With the ability to detect weight, our solution offers enhanced functionality and versatility for various applications.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Our user-friendly design ensures easy installation, allowing for effortless setup and implementation.



We prioritize sustainability by offering a recyclable product that minimizes environmental impact.

Pixel-size resolution

Pixel-size resolution

Experience stunning clarity and detail with our high-resolution pixel-size display, delivering crisp visuals.

Pressure and touch detection

Pressure and touch detection

Our innovative technology accurately senses pressure and touch to provide a seamless user experience.

Just a few potential processes that PaperWeight Digital™ can transform:

Smart lockers

Self-checkout stores

Inventory management

Interactive input devices

Smart shelves

Smart floors


Eco-Friendly from Manufacturing to End-of-Life

PaperWeight Digital™ is purposefully designed to be environmentally friendly throughout its lifecycle:



Composed of abundant, renewable cellulose-based materials



By utilizing locally printed paper-based electronics, you avoid the environmental and financial burdens of lengthy supply chains

Eliminate e-waste

Eliminate e-waste

Easily recyclable through conventional paper recycling methods

Are you ready for an innovative disruption?

Discover how PaperWeight Digital™ technology can transform your industry:


About us

SmartPack by AlmaScience is the product of a robust partnership between AlmaScience innovation lab and stakeholders within the Portuguese cellulose, paper, and cork ecosystem. This alliance includes R&D centers, academia, private companies, and public entities, with support from the Portuguese government. This expansive network harnesses the collective expertise, skills, and resources of our associates, allowing us to efficiently transform product concepts into practical technological solutions — from inception to market launch.

Meet the team behind PaperWeight Digital™

At AlmaScience, a team of over 30 PhD’s and research assistants works at the crossroads of paper technology and coatings, chemistry and biotech, functional and smart materials, electronics and IoT. They are supported by a robust and diverse management team and advisory board with an international presence.

A group of science researchers

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