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Cellulose and paper-based technology solutions for sustainable paper-based packaging

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SmartPack by AlmaScience is an applied innovation lab dedicated to the advancement of smart packaging technologies and solutions. We work with forward-thinking innovation and product managers to develop and implement groundbreaking and sustainable technology solutions.

Our solutions address every touchpoint in the value chain, from production to the end consumer. Dive deep into a seamless journey of enhanced packaging properties, surprising engagement elements, IoT connectivity, and new ways of product authentication.

The "Appropriate Lifespan" approach

Not all products, especially packaging, are intended for perpetual existence. Our "Appropriate Lifespan" approach aims to power short-lived packaging with intelligent assets that do not outlast their host and do not affect recyclability.

We thoroughly evaluate the entire lifecycle of our products, focusing on technologies that leverage responsibly sourced cellulose and paper. These materials are skillfully crafted into active packaging and paper-based electronic devices using environmentally friendly, low-waste production techniques. Our commitment is to provide substantial business value through these innovations, all while maintaining the recyclability of the packaging.

Let's shape the future of smart packaging together!

Join us on a journey to explore, invent, and revolutionize your packaging.

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Welcome to the next phase of multifunctional packaging

Elevate your packaging performance and value with smart, cost-effective and sustainable technology. SmartPack offers sustainable, print-compatible solutions, combining specialty papers, functional inks, cellulose-based packaging materials, and paper-based electronics.

Our expert technology and design teams constantly challenge norms and push the limits to reshape the way people experience packaging.

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A suite of SmartPack solutions

SmartPack collaborates with innovation and product managers to tailor and integrate the perfect solution for their packaging needs. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions developed within our innovation lab, available for customization and licensing.
SmartPack Active

Product-enhancing packaging

Harness the natural properties of cellulose-based gels to enable rapid cooling on serving and ensure optimal temperature control on transit. All without compromising recyclability.

SmartPack Protect

Product security and brand authentication

Ensure product security and brand authentication with printed RFID tags and trigger activated labels.

SmartPack Engage

Interactive unboxing experiences

Elevate customer interactions with interactive and exciting printed patterns that develop during unboxing and with different triggers.

SmartPack Report

“Cheapless” printed RFID tags

Transparency for every product, regardless of its cost. Our carbon-based RFID tags offer unmatched cost-effectiveness and sustainability, allowing any product, even individual vegetables, to receive its own digital passport.

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About us

SmartPack by AlmaScience is the product of a robust partnership between AlmaScience innovation lab and stakeholders within the Portuguese cellulose, paper, and cork ecosystem. This alliance includes R&D centers, academia, private companies, and public entities, with support from the Portuguese government. This expansive network harnesses the collective expertise, skills, and resources of our associates, allowing us to efficiently transform product concepts into practical technological solutions — from inception to market launch.

Meet the team behind SmartPack

At AlmaScience, a team of over 30 PhD’s and research assistants works at the crossroads of paper technology and coatings, chemistry and biotech, functional and smart materials, electronics and IoT. They are supported by a robust and diverse management team and advisory board with an international presence.

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