The Smart Paper Incubator

The Smart Paper Incubator

The Smart Paper Incubator is the result of a collaborative partnership between AlmaScience innovation lab and stakeholders within the Portuguese cellulose and paper ecosystem, with support from the Portuguese Innovation Agency (ANI).

By fostering a stream of promising early-stage technologies, the Smart Paper Incubator addresses the growing industry's need for affordable, eco-friendly, high-performance solutions.

Areas of focus

Smart Packaging illustration

Smart and intelligent packaging

Picture of printed electronics

Paper-based large-area electronics

Illustration of a physical, printed 2FA mechanism

Printed RFID solutions

Smart Retail illustration

Smart Retail

Illustration of a fresh produce package with smart functionality

Sustainable IoT devices for food monitoring and supply chain traceability

Picture of machine printing paper-based electronic device

Sustainable energy generating materials

AlmaScience CoLAB Associates

By harnessing the expertise, skills, and resources of our associates, the Smart Paper Incubator cultivates and mobilizes cutting-edge innovations in smart and sustainable paper-based technologies. Our experience and extensive network enable us to swiftly and effectively transform product concepts into practical technological solutions, from inception to market launch.

NOVA is a leading higher education institution with internationally recognized research and quality teaching.

NOVA.ID FCT is an inspiring, multinational, and multicultural research ecosystem with over 100 researchers engaged in cutting-edge research, training, and outreach activities.

NOVA.ID FCT supports R&D activities focused on advanced functional materials for micro and nanotechnologies, and soft and bio-functional materials.


RAÍZ is a non-profit research organization focused on technologies, products, and services in the fields of forest, pulp, paper, and forest-based biorefineries.

RAÍZ supports R&D activities focused on paper pulp new substrates and functionalized paper manufacturing.

Fraunhofer Portugal

Fraunhofer Portugal was founded by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe, with the objective of undertaking applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprises and for the wide benefit of society.

Fraunhofer Portugal provides support for R&D activities around Embedded Electronics and Sensor Fusion & Embedded intelligence. 

The Navigator Company

The Navigator Company is one of Portugal's strongest brands on the world stage, assuming a leading role in the international pulp and paper market.

The Navigator Company aims to develop manufacturing skills on papers for functional printed electronics, establishing a portfolio that includes smart paper solutions for smart packaging, display, batteries, paper-based sensors, and micro/nanofluidics. 


INCM, the Portuguese Mint, is a leading provider of brand protection solutions.

INCM aims to develop and have access to smart and sustainable paper-based solutions for security, identity, brand protection and counterfeiting, and track & trace. 

Grupo Clara Saúde

Clara Saúde is at the forefront of medical services, grouping several companies dedicated to health care.

Clara Saúde aims to develop and have access to low-cost disposable smart health and environment diagnostic platforms.

Municipality of Almada

The Municipality of Almada is one of the biggest and most important councils in the Greater Lisbon area, home to a rich ecosystem of culture, science, and technology companies and institutions.

The Municipality of Almada aims to strengthen regional ecosystem links and build up scientific literacy, bringing citizens, science, and technology closer together. 


Firmo is a leading and emblematic Portuguese company in the paper and office supplies market, with a significant international presence.

Firmo aims to develop and have access to smart and sustainable paper-based solutions for school and office supplies. 

Join the Smart Paper Incubator

Is your company part of the cellulose, paper, or cork value chains? Do you want to be a part of a smart and sustainable future?

Trade associations and industry networks

As a world leader in the development of smart and sustainable cellulose, paper, and cork-based technologies, devices, and systems, AlmaScience works closely with research and academic institutions, trade associations, and industry networks that share our common scientific and sustainability goals and values, further advancing the Smart Paper Incubator.

Health Cluster Portugal
Portugal Foods
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Beyond Paper

Humans have been using paper to write, draw, and tell stories. At AlmaScience, we are writing the next chapter in the millennia-old story of human communication, using ecological paper-based electronics, devices, and systems.

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