High Business Value
Low Environmental Impact

We partner with brands and Tier 1 companies to create innovative tech solutions, bringing their sustainable and go-to-market strategies to life

Our unconventional approach tackles challenges in materials science, electronics, and printing, disrupting industries with agile, out-of-the-box solutions built on sustainability.

As leaders in domain-specific applications, we offer flexible services to meet diverse client needs. Unlike ad-hoc service providers, we are your design partner invested in growth. Prioritizing short development cycles and clear milestones, our contributions ensure an immediate and tangible impact. Benefit from our seasoned business and product team for invaluable input that significantly elevates the delivered value.

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Smart Packaging solutions

Elevate your packaging performance and value with smart, cost-effective and sustainable technology. SmartPack offers sustainable, print-compatible solutions, combining specialty papers, functional inks, cellulose-based packaging materials, and paper-based electronics.

Paper and textile-based large-area electronics

PaperWeight Digital™ technology combines patented cellulose-based electronics with advanced, low-waste printing methods to create a responsive smart surface that detects pressure, weight, and touch.

Smart cellulose-based materials

Our aerogels and hydrogels solutions offer captivating uses and applications in packaging, thermal and noise insulation, biomedical applications, and more – all while using abundant and sustainable cellulose as raw material.

Printed, chipless RFID tags

Move away from traditional and expensive microchips. Embrace chipless RFID, utilizing printable, paper-based identifiers seamlessly integrated into packaging or labels. Chipless RFID is more than a technology and its effects go beyond just cost-effectiveness: it's the gateway to a future of effortless interactions and intelligent Industry 4.0 management.

Contract Research

You know best, we know how

AlmaScience is a world-class innovation and research lab that specializes in business and product-oriented rapid ideation, concept development, and prototyping for brands and tier 1 companies, while also providing project-based subcontracted development services for applied research organizations.

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