Welcome to the new age of sustainable technology

At AlmaScience innovation lab, we merge eco-design strategies with sustainable materials and processes to create high-performance paper and biomaterial-based electronics and technologies. Our solutions cater to the industry's growing demand for affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly tech solutions.



Eco Friendly

The "Appropriate Lifespan" approach

Our approach is holistic. We take into account the entire product life cycle, from sourcing and production to end-of-life. We pair sustainable engineered materials and composites with advanced, low-cost, and minimal waste manufacturing techniques to deliver innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions for a variety of applications and markets.

Some things were not meant to last…

Conventional wisdom may favor long-lasting products: wouldn't anyone steer clear of purchasing a car that falls apart within a year?

But some technologies are designed to be short-lived, without compromising on their intelligence, usability, and sustainability.

The “Appropriate Lifespan” approach leads to significant benefits, among them:

E-waste reduction

With the surge of IoT devices and short-lived electronics, e-waste is a growing concern. As of 2019, each EU citizen produced over 19kg of e-waste, with only 42% being recycled. At AlmaScience, we develop smart and sustainable paper electronics that don’t stick around after their purpose is fulfilled.

Packaging and food waste reduction

Approximately 30% of all food produced never makes it to a plate, as per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Packaging, especially single-use plastic, is necessary but environmentally damaging. AlmaScience is addressing this issue by developing smart retail and smart packaging solutions for improved supply chain and inventory management, thus minimizing food waste. Our solutions are sustainably built and can be recycled at end-of-life.

Biomedical waste reduction

Single-use biomedical devices – such as those being used in microbiological testing – pose significant end-of-life challenges. The majority of these items are made of plastic and, although they fulfill their intended purpose, they often end up contaminated with potentially infectious materials. AlmaScience is working on cellulose-based solutions for microbiological testing, reducing the need for single-use plastic in this sphere.

Together we can make sustainability a standard in your industry

At AlmaScience we fully embrace the potential of sustainable innovation, leading the way towards a future where sustainability is the norm. Join us as we break barriers and combine the power of paper and cellulose with scientific ingenuity to explore uncharted possibilities.

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As a specialized ideation and concept development hub for brands and tier 1 companies, working with AlmaScience is like having an internal start-up within your organization. We help you quickly seize product and market opportunities.

Want to establish sustainability as the norm in your industry?

Join us in redefining what's possible with paper and scientific ingenuity, crafting a future where sustainability is the new normal.

Beyond Paper

Humans have been using paper to write, draw, and tell stories. At AlmaScience, we are writing the next chapter in the millennia-old story of human communication, using ecological paper-based electronics, devices, and systems.

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